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Fun outings with the boys!

 Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have managed to take the boys to the Science Center & the Zoo last week and this week. It makes for some long days, but we all enjoy it. We have found that both of these places might just be our new favorite 'play areas'. And best of all, they are both free! Since Connor loves animals so much, both of these places can entertain him for hours! And Dylan loves to look around at all the people and different things. At the zoo, we just discovered the ZOOmagination play room. It is wonderful and they have so much for kids to play with and learn all about animals.
The Zoo...
Connor & Dylan enjoyed watching and listening to the penguins outside while we waiting in line.
Penguins in the penguin house at the zoo. Connor was asking to see them.

Connor & Dylan entertained by the penguins inside the cold penguin house.

The bears were out playing today.

Dylan hanging out in the stroller at the zoo.

Dylan enjoying some floor time at the zoo while Big Brother played with the animals.

Connor was building a habitat including trees, water, and lots of animals.

Connor was playing with all the animals while Dylan was hanging out on the floor watching in the ZOOmagination play room.

Connor loved the sensory water table with all the fun sea animals. He played in that for 45 minutes-he had no desire to see anything else.

Connor riding a Puffin on the carousel. This was also Dylan's first ride on a carousel-he had fun.

And now the Science Center...

Connor enjoyed reading the dinosaur books at the Science Center.
Storytime at the Science Center was about dinosaurs...WOW! Good timing-Connor loved the book and sat the entire itme.

At the end of the book, all the kids got to help crack the BIG dinosaur egg.

Connor was so excited to find a baby dinosaur in the giant gold egg.

Connor was helping build the space shuttle.

To the moon....

Dylan hanging out in the stroller...he does this a lot!

Now he is making himself comfortable...all relaxed.

"EWWWWW" Dino poop! Connor thought it was funny & gross to hold the real dino poop.

Learning about the dinosaurs. This is fascinating to Connor-I think we have a little 'Ross', should we be worried?!? Dylan was pretty thrilled too.

Connor was playing Twinkle Twinkle on the harp.

The T-Rex is this BIG!!!

Connor enjoying playing with the dinosaurs. Do we have a little 'Ross' in the making?

Connor & Dylan standing in front of the big T-Rex & Triceretops.

The boys under the arch!


Amy June 30, 2009 at 2:52 PM  

Aidan and Connor would get along so well.

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