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Great day of shopping...

 Saturday, June 13, 2009

We started off the day with Starbucks, so I knew it had to be a good day despite my waking up way too early again. But I did enjoy my peace & quiet while all 3 boys were sound asleep.
We set out for Cotton Babies this morning to make it to the store for their diaper sale! There was a ton of people, but needless to say, I was the only one looking for my special diapers (The AIO bumGenius Organic Cotton with Snaps. They were buy 2, get 1 free, which meant I got 4 free! What a great deal! Bargains like this are once in a blue moon-I was so excited! So, now I have 22 diapers total for Dylan! I am thrilled as this means I don't have to wash diapers everyday! I can handle every other day. Yah! This is the best diaper-SO incredibly easy to use and super cute! I love all the great colors they come in! And best of all, they will fit Dylan until he he potty trained-as they do fit on Connor (two & a half)! They are easily adjustable and the inside is so soft-I love the organic cotton! And they will work and hold up for the next kiddos too!
Dylan sporting one of his cute green diapers.
Then we decided to stop by the mall to go to Build-a-Bear, Connor picked out a turtle (with a little help-after all that is the reason we went). And Connor made a puppy dog for Dylan. How sweet! Connor held onto both of these the entire time around the mall. He had a hard time putting them down to play on the toys at the mall, but managed. He fell asleep as we were shopping. Actually, he fell asleep as we were in Godiva Chocolates...seriously, whose kid is this? Whose kid falls asleep in a chocolate store!?! I got my bag full of chocolates using a gift card we had from awhile ago, plus signed up for their chocolate club (why I didn't know you could get free chocolate is beyond me), then got a free chocolate covered strawberry for spending a certain amount :) What a great day! And this was after having a Mocha Ice Storm and chocolate chip cookies from Nordstrom's Esspresso Bar. Yum! Yum!
We ventured to Eddie Bauer in the mall, I tried on a few things, but we decided they made me look and/or feel old, but Chris found a great Polo shirt-using a gift certificate from Christmas! I am so glad he finally got to use it-it does take a lot to get Chris shopping, especially for himself. But next on the list for him is sunglasses!

Then we headed to Barnes & Noble, where Connor woke up on the way-he was so excited to go to B & N. They have a Thomas train table with lots of trains in the Children's section. But more importantly, they have a ton of Dinosaur, Shark, and Fish books, which he was SO excited over. But he was great about putting them back. We only bought a Daddy book for Father's Day. I told Connor we could go back soon so he can pick out some books-he loves to pick out books by himself. It is adorable.

Then, when we were in the car ready to head home, I remembered we had a couple of coupons for free bread from Breadsmith Bakery. So, we went there and walking in the doors was heaven! It smelled so good. And I walked out with a large bag full of bread..all for free. What a great stop on our way home. We decided to try some of the rolls I got and they were so yummy, we almost ate all of them. I can't wait to try to loaves of bread tomorrow.

Then, I apparently didn't have enough shopping and some more coupons for Kohl's were calling my name-so I got a few more things all for super cheap-what a great shopping day. Dylan is such a little trooper, he loves to be out and about & Connor was really good today too. And since Chris was such a good sport, he was rewarded with some delicious beer-he was very excited. And now I have him working hard painting the bathroom, while I update all of you on our day...I have it rough somedays, don't I???

The boys with their Build-a-Bear animals.

Connor loves Dylan, how sweet!

Connor had too much fun, now he is fast asleep with the turtle & the dog in the stroller while we shop, Dylan is sleeping the carrier on me, and Daddy isn't complaining-what great shoppers!!!


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