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Father's Day Weekend!

 Monday, June 22, 2009

What have I done to my boys?!? Daddy & Connor love scratch tickets almost as much as I do!
Looks like a big winner!!!

The boys hanging out on the floor!

Connor is showing Dylan how to play with his toys!

Dylan hanging out at the party-he loves to look around at everything going on.

Connor & Mason hanging out before they went down the slide. They are both sweaty from playing so hard!

Happy Father's Day! Chris decided to 'try' and turn it into a weekend (like I did with Mother's Day), but I don't think he was as successful as I was. It was still a great weekend. On Saturday we went to some friends for a party-the boys are 2 1/2, Adam & Ryan were born about a month before Connor. They celebrate their half birthday, which was fun. They have SO MANY fun toys, including a great swing set & a bounce house. On Sunday, Chris didn't want me to make him breakfast-he insisted on getting Starbucks and bagels from Panera, I agreed! So, we went and had some bagels there, picked up Starbucks on the way home and it was great. We went and ran some errands, came home, Chris mowed the lawn (poor guy-it was so hot). And for the reccord, I did offer to mow-again, he wouldn't let me! But the yard looks great now! I started making BBQ ribs for dinner & Chris made the BBQ sauce. They were AMAZING. We weren't sure we could duplicate the last batch we made, but I think we were successful! YUM! Happy Father's to Chris-you are an amazing Daddy to Connor & Dylan...we all love you very much!!!!


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