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First Fight...

 Monday, June 15, 2009

We have started to get more toys out for Dylan to play with lately, so Connor thinks they are all his. Well, this little horse was one they both wanted. And it was the first toy Dylan really was holding on to and playing with and somewhat reacting to since it it super soft and has a rattle inside. Well, Connor decided to 'try' and take it from brother. Dylan wasn't letting go. I told Connor that was what Dylan wanted to play with, but that wasn't what Connor wanted to hear. So, there we have their first fight...first of many no doubt. It was cute. Fortunately for Dylan, he won the first fight (with a little help from Mom).
Dylan was loving his little horse & the fact brother did not take it, he decided to take a nap right there with it. (This is how he fell asleep, I did not stage this picture)

Connor wasn't thrilled that Dylan got the horse, but he quickly got over it.

This is what it looks like (on a good day) while I am in the kitchen cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner-Connor really enjoys his Leap Frog reader and loves to read the stories to Dylan.

Connor & Dylan both working on tummy time in the playroom :)


Nicole June 16, 2009 at 2:30 PM  

So funny! Cole is starting to climb in Caden's Baby Einstein exersaucer. He tells us he is too big, but he has climbed in it on numerous occasions. Ohhh BOYS!

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