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Raspberry Picking

 Saturday, June 6, 2009

Instead of picking strawberries today, we decided to pick raspberries! They were much easier to pick as there were tons of them!
Connor seemed to like them A LOT. We gave him his own container to pick, which he did a great job picking and placing them in his container, then we would look over and they were gone! He would say, "more". So, he would pick more, never placing more than a couple in his container...he just kept eating them. He problably ate half as many as we picked, all the while his container remianed empty. Oh well, it was a good breakfast for him.
Dylan seemed like he was having a blast! He was forward facing in the carrier and was attempting to grab at the raspberries with his legs kicking constantly-so cute! He must have liked the contrast in colors.
We had fun & of course stopped by Starbucks on our way home...what a great start to the weekend!


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