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Happy June!

 Monday, June 1, 2009

After two weekends of yard work, the house is finally starting to look nice! The inside is a differnent story, LOL! But the outside is looking nice and colorful-I love all the flowers. Chris & I (but mostly Chris) has worked very hard on it-my list of projects just keeps growing! So, here are some pictures of the front of the house (it is a work in progress, as is the backyard).

This was taken awhile ago in the winter, as our tree was really bare, but it shows the ugly trees we removed...finally!

Much more colorful! And I finally got my hanging baskets-I have wanted these for as long as I can remember!!! We still have 1 or 2 more baskets to put on the sheppard's hooks, but I love them.

We added another layer of blocks around the tree and planted some pretty purple flowers. We had planted flowers from seeds in there, but they didn't do well.

We planted roses & some impatients in a big pot in replace of the ugly trees on both sides of the front door. It looks SO much better.

We dug up all the bulbs (that I planted a couple years ago-some were still coming up, but we needed something else). We put down mulch-don't mind the mess, we didn't sweep up the mess prior to me taking the pictures.

Our pretty rose!

Another pretty rose on the side of the house we planted almost 2 months ago-we are hoping they grow up the trellis and shade our AC a bit.

Connor's tractors (they used to be Chris' tractors) are helping mix the soil.

Also works as a portable sandbox! That is another thing on my wish list...a sandbox!

Dylan hanging out in the bounce activity chair. Still a little big, but he enjoys it!

Dylan relaxing in the stroller while we do yard work-he loves to look at the trees!


Amy June 1, 2009 at 3:21 PM  

Be careful what you wish for! I keep wondering how long it will take for all of the sand in the sandbox to make its way into my house. :)

Your house looks fantastic! And what cute kiddos too!

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