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Fun times!

 Sunday, May 31, 2009

We decided to try out a new Pizza place with some friends on Saturday evening. Incredible Pizza Place-it is like a much bigger, updated Chuck E. Cheese (which I am determined to not set foot in). Connor & Noah had a blast together. They were quite the duo when it came to the antics.
Two boys sitting next to each other at dinner...who's idea was this?!?

Connor & Noah playing on the booth.
Connor on the mini (3-seater) carousel. He had fun.

Daddy & Connor on the Go Carts waving as they sped by us.

As we walked around to look at all the different games they had, we all sat and watched the go carts. The boys were in amazement, so I asked Connor if he would want to go on them, he was SO excited. I was expecting him to say NO WAY! So, I took him over to see if he was tall enough-he was close enough, so off the boys went: Chris, Connor, Mike & Noah. They all had fun, even Mike & Chris :) And Cheryl, Mady, Dylan & I enjoyed watching them and waving to them as they passed by. I love that the boys (and Dylan & Mady too) are so close in age. What a fun evening with great friends!


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