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Summertime is here...

 Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ribs, pool, strawberry picking, and yard work! And Thunder Storms...definitely summer!
Strawberry picking at Lakeview Farm
Mama, Connor & Dylan picking strawberries.

He just had to 'try' them-make sure they were tasty! And they were!

Connor insisted on carrying the box of strawberries all around the strawberry farm.

Connor & Daddy picking strawberries.

It is the very beginning of the season, so the strawberries were scattered and it did rain (only sprinkle) on us, but it was so much fun. And the strawberries made pretty good strawberry daquaris and frozen strawberry lemonade. I don't think anything will ever top the wonderful strawberry margaritas we made in California. But we sure will give it a shot.

Ribfest-Downtown St. Louis

The band playing with the arch in the background-I couldn't resist the picture.

View from where we were sitting-great look at all the 'wonderful' people events like this attract! Yes, we know, we were there too! We did enjoy the entertainment of 'people watching'.

Connor was thrilled that Jackson brought his Dinosaur chair-good thing Jackson likes to share! Lately, those horns are very fitting on him :-)

Connor & Jackson hanging out in the Dinosaur chair together!

We went with our friends Beth & Chris (and their little one Jackson). We had our fix of greasy food for the week! We ate wonderful ribs, a blooming onion, and some sort of fried potatoes. YUM! The boys had fun playing and it was nice to enjoy the cool (80 degrees & humid) beginning of the summer. Gotta love St. Louis summers!
He really did have fun although the picture doesn't look like it.
We got out the pool in our yard and Connor & the neighbor girl played in it-the water was freezing cold, but they didn't seem to mind. And our subdivision pool opened saturday and we went-Connor had fun playing in the kids pool-it is only about a foot & a half or so deep, so it is wonderful not to have to get in the pool with him. He enjoyed it. I am sure we will spend lots of time there this summer.


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