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Rainy Day at the Zoo

 Friday, May 8, 2009

We were determined to make it to the zoo today to see the new stingray exhibit-it officially opens tomorrow, but was open today for zoo members. Unfortunately, it was raining (hard-not just sprinkling) along with lightning & thunder. But we made it, getting soaked along the way! Dylan managed to stay pretty dry. We all got to 'pet' the stingrays. Connor was fascinated by them, so we let him pick one out at the giftshop on the way out. We only saw the stingrays on this trip-it was quick to say the least. And of course, as we were just pulling into the drive way at home, the rain stopped & the sun came out-go figure. Nonetheless, we got to make it to the zoo one more time and the stingrays were pretty cool. Unfortunately/fortunately, no pictures of us-as we looked (and felt) like drowned rats! Yuck!


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