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Fun at the dinner table!

 Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who said you couldn't have fun at the dinner table and play (a little) with your food?  Apparently, not us.  Meals have been great around here lately.  Maybe that is because Connor has decided to eat pretty much anything lately (growth spurt?).  And Dylan still will eat just about anything (thankfully).  Or maybe it is because Grandpa & Grandma are here to help cook, clean, and watch the boys?  Whatever the reason, we have had some delicious food lately.  Tonight we had bacon wrapped shrimp.  They were so yummy, everyone enjoyed them, especially Connor.  He loved the bacon and had fun biting the tails off.  Not sure why he was so excited to eat them, usually he just about gags at the smell of any kind of fish.  All the while, Dylan was falling asleep in his high chair.  But he did manage to have a couple bites of shrimp for dinner as well. 

We have been busy painting, putting up curtains, light fixtures, etc.  I am not a fan of the textured walls and high ceilings (although I do really love them)---it is a lot of work to paint.  And we are having to re-paint the ceilings, walls, and trim.  Oh yes, and not to mention having to prime (sometimes 2 coats of primer).  But it will look wonderful once it is all done.  As Chris says, "We are almost done with making every room in the house brown".  I like my neutral colors, what can I say! 


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