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Spring Cleaning - Day 6

 Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well, I have finally completed the hallway upstairs which was supposed to be day 5 of spring cleaning.  But as I am typing this, I should have included the stairs in this category.  Oh well, that will be done in the coming days..

Day 6 - Master bedroom.  I think this turned out to be the most involved so far.  I originally thought this would be pretty simple.  But then I started in and decided to pack away the electric blanket, so put new organic cotton sheets on our bed (of course, had to wash them first), then washed the mattress cover, all the pillow cases, comforter, and duvet cover.  So, 6+ loads of laundry later, the bedding is ALL washed.  However, as I went to put the comforter in the duvet cover, it was still a bit damp.  So, really, it is not completed yet.  But I did spend what seemed like 2 hours ironing all the pillow cases and duvet cover into the late hours of the night (last night). 

*I found this post just hanging out in blogger.  Obviously, I thought I ad posted it already. 
**I will give a quick update of the Spring cleaning and how it is going sometime later today. 


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