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Go Mariners!

 Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well, it was Friday afternoon and I heard something about the Rangers vs. Mariners game on the radio.  I jumped online and figured out they were playing in Dallas this weekend.  We don't get to go to many Mariner's games and Connor has this adorable jersey that he has not gotten the chance to wear yet.  So, what better reason, I called Chris at work and asked him what day he would prefer to go.  So, I bought tickets for today's (Sunday) game and off we went.  It was a blast.  Nice weather.  Not very many people.  A great view.  Lots of great pictures.  Got to see Ken Griffey, Jr. play.  Pretty awesome.  Oh, and the best part...GARLIC FRIES!  I was in heaven.  Seriously.  They were so full of garlic, I loved it!  They were so worth the outrageous price!

Here is Dylan enjoying the garlic fries...

I think this is what my face looked like while I was enjoying these garlic-y potatoes.  But Dylan makes the faces look cute.  With me, it was just plain weird!

The stadium was nothing spectacular, but we are a little bias to Safeco stadium in Seattle.  It is pretty cool.  And then, we are also used to watching the Cardinals play in St. Louis, which is also just awesome.  You really can't help but become a Cards fan when you live in St. Louis.  The energy at the games is amazing.  So, we went with high expectations.  It was nothing like being at Safeco or Busch, but it was still awesome.

  Seeing Griffey play was a highlight.
His first at bat was a single.  He ended up scoring on it.  We even got to see him steal second base & slide.  Pretty cool.  Then, the last at bat (that we saw) he hit a fly out to right field and was out.  So, as he was walking back to the dug-out, I got that last shot of him.
Here are my favorite moments of my sweet little boys at the game:

And now Dylan needs his own jersey and we will be all set!  What a fun day at the ball park this was.

Pretty cheap outing:
(3) Tickets = $25.00
Parking = $15.00
Ice Cream Cone = $1.00
Garlic Fries = $7.75
24 oz. beer = $8.75
Lemonade = $5.75
Taking the boys to their first Mariners game = PRICELESS


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