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Palm Springs...

 Tuesday, August 3, 2010

 Yes, this is where I grew up...Yakima.  The Palm Springs of Washington.  Ha. Gotta love it!

Brianna & I.  We have been best friends since 6th grade.  We got to go out a few nights for drinks.

Spending time with Aunt Kylee & Justin.  They all had fun together.

The dump truck with Grandpa & Grandma Brulotte (which Connor has started calling Meme since he came to the conclusion that he has too many Grandmas).  Funny kid.

I got to play with my new lens....


I bought the lens on the way to Yakima.  Best purchase ever.  I am in love.

We went to the softball fields (where I played softball about 12 years ago!) to watch Kylee practice.  The boys got to play on the swings & with the softballs...

Swinging so high!

These boys have the silliest & most serious facial expressions.

One night this is what the sky looked liked.  It was beautiful...

Then, there are the hops.  Connor calls them beer plants.  And wants to grow a BIG garden like that.  Chris is all for it.  Go figure. 

Great time in Yakima.  Lots of time spent with family...


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