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Baseball Game

 Monday, August 30, 2010

We went to the baseball game on Friday night.  It was a local Minor League Team, the Frisco Roughriders.  It was a cooler day...under 100 degrees!  I will take that.  We ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips...watched a little baseball & chatted.  Fun times.  I am pretty sure I was a moving target for foul balls.  I almost got hit 4 times.  Yes, 4!  The first was well within a foot of me.  Yikes.  And others were pretty close as well.  Close enough I had to move.

This picture just looks like summer!  I love it!

 Just a little brotherly ball talk before the game started!

So into the game...or just decide:

The ballpark was pretty nice.  I mean, really who can complain when they have a pool to swim in while the game is going on.  Awesome.  Not that you would catch me in a swim suit in front of that many people...

And then there was ice cream.  Dip n Dots...
This was a view of the stadium from the parking lot a bit after the sun went down...
Doesn't look like a stadium.

And after the game...FIREWORKS!  And they were pretty spectacular...

Fun night out at the game!


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