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Seattle Aquarium

 Wednesday, August 25, 2010

While in Washington, we had to make a trip to the Seattle Aquarium.  The boys love any type of sea life, so I knew this would be a hit.  Here are some pictures of the fun we had:
Checking out the 'touch tank' with Great Grandpa & Grandma.

Finally did a little touching.  Connor says, "They feel weird!"  True.

They were both amazed at the giant octopus.  It was pretty big.  Check this thing out...
Not the cutest!

The pretend octopus was pretty cool though.

Loved seeing all the colorful fish in the tanks.
But Connor was most thrilled with this...
Go figure.

The boys are like little tiny guppy fish in comparison to this big shark!
Now that is a lot of fishy!

The Sea Lion liked the attention ;-)

So fun!  Thanks Great Grandpa & Grandma for a fun time.  Glad we went.  I also got some great shots of the city and the water, which I will post soon. 


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