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Social Butterfly...

 Thursday, May 27, 2010

I think Connor is coming out of his shell.  He is SO talkative, especially when he is tired.  But lately, when we are at Costco, the mall, or just out for  walk, he must say hi to everyone and ask about half of them about their day.  Oh my!  While this is super cute and I love how talkative he is, it can be quite embarrassing sometimes.  And sometimes we are in a hurry.  But he is making friends and playing so well with other kids lately too.  Tonight at the Rockwall Concerts by the Lake he made friends and had a blast playing...and running.  A lot!

I think Connor is turning into a social butterfly.  And Dylan just continues to want to do everything big brother does.

This music was great, it was a Jimmy Buffet cover band.  And the dessert we took was awesome.  It was individual shortcakes, topped with homeade vanilla whip cream and strawberries & blueberries.  Yum!

But the views are just amazing...
This was when we first got there.

At sunset.

At dark as we were leaving.


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