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Gone Swimming!

 Friday, May 7, 2010

Well, the weather hit 90 degrees here this week.  So that meant POOL TIME!  Let me say that I was less than thrilled to get into a swimsuit, but I did it.  For the boys.  Having 2 kids + bikini = unattractiveness.  That is why you will NOT be seeing any pictures of me this summer in a swimsuit.  That is a promise!

Connor & Dylan were so excited to go to the pool.  They happily put their hats on and sat still while I applied sun screen.  Connor got right in.  Dylan was just checking out the water and managed to fall in within the first 3 minutes.  Don't worry, it is less than a foot and a half deep, I was right there to rescue him quickly.  After that, he just wanted to play around the pool.  

So happy!

Connor couldn't have been any happier!

Loving splashing.We all ended up wet.  

I think we will have many happy days at the pool this summer.  Can't wait for all the fun!


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