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The BEST Thursday! Part Two...

 Friday, May 21, 2010

We decided to forgo the normal 7:30ish bedtime and head to Rockwall for Concerts by the Lake.  After all, the harbor in Rockwall is why I fell in love with this area where we live.  It is just gorgeous!  Here are some pictures from last night...

The sun went down quickly and the sky was just beautiful.  I loved seeing all the boats in the harbor listening to the music.  And the boys loved seeing all the boats.  

We ate did at home, but I had put a cobbler in the oven while I was making dinner since I had some blackberries to use up.  It finished in the oven a few minutes before we left, so I packed it up and we had dessert there.  It was delicious.  We all had seconds.  What a great treat!

Dylan liked the cobbler :)

Connor at sun set.  Can you tell how much fun he had?  

And we got to see the amphibious car again.  Connor thought it was quite silly.  He kept asking about the wheels on the car and saying, "Could you imagine a boat with wheels?"  and "Could you imagine a car that is a boat?"  "Oh so silly!"  So, I did get a picture (not a great one, it was dark by the time we saw it).  And I still need to work on my manual setting skills.

So, that was our Thursday.  Full of fun, adventure and lots of treats.  No wonder it was a great day!  Everyday I get to spend with my boys is a great day!


Amy May 21, 2010 at 3:13 PM  

I seem to remember Chris wanting to build a car that could turn into a boat when he was Connor's age. I think it was rainbow colored too!

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