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The News!

 Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love watching Good Morning America in the mornings while I drink my coffee and get breakfast going.  Connor hates watching the news.  And now I am beginning to understand why...

There is never good news.  Here are a few of those not happy stories from this morning: Gulf Oil Crisis-23 days in, now reaching the shores.  Jumbo Jet Crash-with over 100 dead.  Skin cancer.  Biden family scare.  Morgan Stanley misleading investors about morgage loans.  In Japan kindergarten kids attacked at school by man with a cleaver-killed 7 kids and himself.  Wayward satellite puts tv in jeapoardy.  Okay, I have had enough.  News off, and I only got 17 minutes in.  Yikes.  Talk about a depressing start to the morning.  Okay, the last one about the satellite isn't that depressing, just ridiculous that they are calling it 'real life drama' of millions of Americans if tv stations go black and we don't get to watch channels like Food Network and TLC among all the others.  Really?!?

So here is a picture to brighten your day...


Marcy May 12, 2010 at 9:41 PM  

WE DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS, FOR THAT REASON! I get my headlines from CNN and open what I feel is what I need to "know" in the news.

The picture of Dylan is PRICELESS!! You are getting awesome with the photography!

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