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 Monday, September 20, 2010

We were happy that the Cougs were playing SMU here in Dallas.  Yah for 2 football games this season!  We left the boys at home with a baby-sitter (yes, for the very first time!!!  They had fun and did great!).

We met Andy & Becky (who I ran the last 10k with) for lunch before the game.  Beers were on the agenda...

The boys opted for a liter each of the seasonal Octoberfest, while I went for my favorite Hefeweizen.  Yum!  And had a delicious lunch at Gordan Biersch.  They had garlic fries...yummy!  I love me some garlic!

The game was fun.  HOT.  Not the best outcome.  And did I mention HOT?  It was 96 degrees and we were sitting in the direct sun. But we were sitting in the first row on the Coug sideline.  Of course, I decided not to lug my camera around, so all I have is cell phone shots.  Sorry ;-(

And see, even Butch was trying to cool off by sitting on some ice ;-)


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