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Dare I say it is Fall here?

 Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I woke up this morning (and yesterday morning) and was a bit chilly!  It is amazingly awesome!  This morning it was in the low 50's outside!  Honestly, it has been probably been since January since we saw low 50's.  LOL.  So, in celebration of fall, the pumpkins are out in full force.  They are lovely!

Here are some pumpkin pictures from the Dallas Arboretum...

Aren't the pumpkin houses just amazing???

And these boys are pretty cute too...
We had met a few friends there and had a blast.  We ate lunch, then took off.  A perfect morning.  I look forward to going again soon before the pumpkins are all gone.  (This is the same place that had all amazing tulips in Spring, check them out here and here.)


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