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SNOW, really?!?

 Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last weekend we were outside all weekend doing yardwork and getting the garden planted.  The boys were in their swim suits playing in the water. 

Wednesday we were at the park enjoying the nice weather.

Thursday the boys were in swim suits playing in the water again.

Friday we went to the zoo to enjoy the 75 degree weather.  (Picture to come soon).  And after the boys went to bed Friday evening, Chris & I sat outside until about 9pm and enjoyed the nice warm evening while drinking some wine.

Saturday it started to snow.  And this is what we woke up to this morning....

Snow on our patio table and chairs.

Snow on the slide.  Brrrr.

A good 3 inches on the sidewalk in front of our house.

Just over 4 inches on top of the patio table in the back yard.

In the front yard, some places had 6.5 inches (because of the wind, there were some small drifts)

Poor flowers in the hanging baskets.  Maybe they will survive.

The garden looks non-existent.  We did get some fabric to cover it in case of a freeze, but we were not expecting snow and certainly this much snow.  We are hoping that the veggies survive this crazy weather.

It is still snowing right now.  It is supposed to keep snowing until noon today.  Glad I made sure we went to Nordy's this week to get new sandals for the boys.  But the forecast for tomorrow is 65 degrees.  Gotta love Texas!


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