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Oh So Funny!

 Friday, March 19, 2010

I have a very humorous story to share.  It is borderline TMI (too much info), but I just can't resist, I find it hilarious.

Here it is:  I was downstairs while Chris was giving the boys a bath upstairs in the bathroom (they take a bath together).  This is what I overheard:
Connor:  What is that floating?
Chris: Oh, Connor get out of the tub!!!
Connor: Oh no, Dylan has some dinosaur poop!  Oh, it is not T-Rex poop, T-Rex poop is much bigger.  It must be Maiasaura dinosaur poop.

I went upstairs laughing, to see Connor standing outside of the tub and Dylan being held above the tub dripping wet.

Connor:  Why are you laughing Mom?  It is NOT funny!  It is NOT funny!  It is NOT funny!

Oh, it was so funny and Connor couldn't quite grasp the idea why we thought it was so funny.  But then again, we were not the ones taking a bath in Dylan poop (or dino poop as Connor called it).  Which is the exact reason why I refuse to let them into my bath tub :)


Amy March 20, 2010 at 10:04 AM  

That is hilarious! I love that he had to define which kind of dino poop it was.

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