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Dylan's 1st Birthday Party

 Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dylan had a wonderful birthday party.  He really enjoyed all the attention he got from everybody. 

Dylan's Birthday Banner!  Made with lots of love!

Birthday Shirt!  Chris drew the monkey in photoshop & I played around with it for the banner, the shirts, etc.

The cakes & cupcakes...

Monkey bubbles for the party favor.

He loved everyone singing Happy Birthday to him.

He was ready for the cake!

Oh cake...
Dylan did pretty good on his cake.  Especially for eating it with a fork.  What a crazy kid!  That is why we love him so much!

It looks like everyone is opening their own gifts.  Ha!

Dylan had such a fun birthday party with his family & friends.  He knew it was all for him and he was loving it!  Thanks to all our friends for making his party so fun!


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