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Can't keep his clothes on

 Monday, March 15, 2010

Here is the course of Connor's day...

He started out the morning fully dressed.

Later in the morning, the jacket came off.

The he changed into his swim out-fit to play in the water.

Shorts came off.

Shirt came off too.  But the shoes stayed on.

Then, lastly all the articles of clothing came off...who needs clothes?!?  Garden naked!  It was pretty cute.  In fact it was so cute, I did take pictures, but I am saving them for a special occasion, such as graduation, when he brings his first girlfriend home, and/or when he gets married.  I am sure I will bring them out on many occasions in the far far future.  It is just priceless.  What a day for Connor.  He had so much fun outside enjoying the nice weather and all his nakedness. 


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