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Happy Halloween!

 Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here are a few more of our Halloween decorations.  I swapped out pumpkin pictures for our regular ones in the frames around the fireplace.  Love it. 

Then, here are the little pumpkins that the boys drew on with markers.  They both loved this!

We had fun at our Halloween Party on Friday afternoon.  We ate and played...
We even had a pinata at the party.  How fun!
And the food was plentiful and so creative!

The boys LOVED handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters

We headed out with some neighbors to do a little trick-or-treating...
This is what some of our neighbors houses looked like...the boys were not so sure about some, for good reason!  The first is a neighbor who had a walk thru haunted house in their front yard complete with smoke and several live people dressed up throughout it to scare you.
Then Lesley brought the kids by for a quick visit, as they got mobbed by all our crazy trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood ;-)  I have the cutest picture of all the kids, but blogger is not letting me upload it!

***Blogger is being really funky & telling me I am out of room and need to purchase addition storage space for my photos...anybody else have these problem?  Did you purchase more storage, did it work?  I will do some research and try and figure this out soon ;-)  Promise.


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