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Date Night...

 Wednesday, November 10, 2010

With my favorite little 3 year old ever!  Yes, Connor & I had another date night.  He actually asked and I happily agreed.  And he even asked to go bowling.  Wow!  He knows what I like.  I love it!  He even picked out my shirt in my closet, how sweet!

Needless to say, we had the BEST time.

Connor truly had a blast and kept telling me how much fun he was having.  Every time he would knock down a pin, he would yell, "BINGO".  Not sure where that came from, but it was pretty cute.  We were nearly tied in the 3rd frame, I was thinking he was going to beat me.  Luckily I pulled out a win 131-70.  I would have been crushed if Connor would have beat me.  I don't like to lose!

And here is a video of Connor bowling...

We both had a both had a blast, just like last time.


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