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Chris Surprise Party Part 2

 Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The gifts were fun & creative. When I sent out the invitations, I asked everyone to bring a silly gift. Well, 30 of that silly gift. That was FUN. Here are some of the ideas that people came up with...our family & friends were quite creative.

-30 powerball tickets (was hoping for the BIG winner)
-30 scratch tickets (x3), Yes, we had 90 scratch tickets! (I loved it)
-30 straws (Dylan's favorite)
-30 containers of play doh (Connor's favorite)
-30 almonds (came with a card that explains getting old)
-30 $5 Starbucks gift cards (YUMM)
-30 coffee beans (+ the rest of the bag since they don't drink coffee...delicious)
-30 home computer printed/very detailed 'In-N-Out Burger' certificates (it is rumored we are getting one near us, which has the guys at work obsessed)
-30 band-aids (since apparently Chris complains a lot at work about aches & pains...must be from old age)
-30 bits of memory (or so they say)
-30 sticks of gum (all wrapped)
-30 Happy Birthday messages (how sweet)
-30 awesome bits/orange tic tacs (some inside joke at work)
-30 B-specs (another inside joke at work...wouldn't expect anything less coming from geeky engineers)
-30 matches from a favorite restaurant/brewery in St. Louis
-30 piece Lego set.  (Not sure who was more excited Chris or Connor!)
-30 page photo book with 30 reasons why we love Daddy (from Connor & Dylan)
-30 different bottles of beer (a yummy treat for Chris)

And of course, here are a few pictures from the gifts. Again, I just loved seeing all the fun & creative ideas.

The 30 different beers & the photo book.

Lot of scratch tickets!

And Powerball tickets!

And Starbucks gift cards!  Hooray for caffeine!

Coffee beans. me some caffeine!

The kids had fun helping with the presents too!

Play doh.  I was SO not thrilled with the 30 things of play doh, (Thanks Rich & Cheryl) obviously Connor was.  He kept taking it to Becky and you can see Eric giving the 'thumbs up'. 

Chris was laughing at a card...about getting old!

The 30 piece Lego set, a car to put together.  Fun.
His 30 "Whataburger' bucks.  That took some time to create & cut those out!

Taking a look at all 30 of those 'Happy Birthday' messages!

Dylan had fun with the wrapping paper & the bags.

We are so blessed with amazing friends & family.  We have made some great friends in every city we have lived in.  We are so thankful for our many blessings.  We had a blast at the party and so happy everyone could participate by sending a quirky gift (or 30) and/or being here to help Chris celebrate as he turned the big 3-0! 


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