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 Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Sunday we headed to Shenaniganz because they participate in the Kids Bowl Free program.  If you haven't you should sign up.  We had a blast!  We only bowled one game. 

There was a lot of high fives...

And sadly, here are our scores...
Connor got a 62, Chris got a 138, and I got an 89!  That would have to be my lowest score EVER!  I was very disappointed to lose to Chris.  But happy that at least I beat Connor ;-)    I need to practice, apparently.  Wii bowling, here I come! 

I was thrilled that Connor had so much fun bowling.  Mainly because I LOVE bowling.  Probably because I am generally decent at it and it doesn't take a whole lot of skill.  I am hoping for lots more trips to the bowling alley. 

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