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 Saturday, April 11, 2009

It may be a few days until I am able to post some new pictures...our pictures files have been lost/damaged/can't find them-so Chris has instructed me to 'not touch" the computer while he attempts to 'fix' it-doesn't look good. But at least I have the pictures I have put on the blog and the ones I have e-mailed, sent to Snapfish, Costco, and Walgreens-just so sad if I lose all my photos!

My fingers are crossed that Chris' geekness with shine through and he will find a way to get my photos back!!!

I have been taking lots of pictures of Connor & Dylan the last few days, but this old laptop is slow and I don't really remember how to use it, so I will post all the pictures when I can.

Connor is getting excited for Easter. We dyed eggs today-I let him decorate with sprinkles & he thought it was great to lick off the sprinkles! He cracked quite a few eggs-he was looking for treats inside :)

Whenever we see a bunny in the yard, I ask him if they are looking for places to hide the Easter eggs? He says yes. I think he will have find finding eggs on Sunday.


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