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Happy Earth Day!

 Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh how sweet!
Dylan likes the toys on his bouncy seat!

Connor loves to draw lovely pictures!

So, I wanted to do all kinds of fun things to celebrate Earth Day, but didn't have time or energy! Although everyday should be Earth Day, at least we can concentrate on what we can do for a day and hopefully carry it out all year long. Here are a few of the things we try to do to lessen our impact on the enviornment:

*use reusable shopping bags
*buy organic, whenever possible
*cloth diapers
*we don't use any chemicals for cleaning, laundry, etc.
*we compost
*cloth napkins
*dry clothes outside in sun, when weather is nice
*open blinds, windows-try and turn lights off when we can
*only drive one car
*pay all bills online
*make most meals from scratch (less packaging)
*use the library
*grow a garden
*buy in bulk
*starting a produce co-op
*buy local, when available
*CFL lighbulbs
*LED Christmas lights
*stainless steel water bottles
There is so much more we can do & we will continue to do what we can.


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