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Happy Friday!

 Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, I can't decide if this week has gone by fast or slow...whichever, I am excited it is friday! We have more visitors coming to visit today :) My dad & Gayle will be here this afternoon.

We have been watering the garden every morning this week, which has proved to be more challenging that I had anticipated. but at least it gets done. Connor & I usually end up soaking wet. But Connor has fun. Some of our seeds are really starting to grow!

So, during my late night feedings and watching tv to stay awake, I am forced to watch several informercials. It is a good thing I don't keep the phone & a credit card next to the bed with me...LOL. I have been wanting the topsy turvy tomato planter-where you grow tomatoes upside down. Chris wouldn't let me order it, so we made one. By we, I mean grandpa made one when he was here. Chris wouldn't have anything to do with it :) I hope it grows lots & lots of tomatoes just to prove him wrong? And I wonder why Connor is so stubborn-just can't figure out where he gets it from :)

Connor slammed his fingers in the door this morning, well actually the wind blew the garage door shut on them. Poor guy-his hand was stuck in the door. Boo Bunny came to the rescue, as did the M & M's. He carried both around while we finished water. Apparently, they helped, he hasn't seemed to even remember. See, chocolate helps everything!

Dylan is 4 weeks old today! Sorry, no pictures of him-he was in the baby bjorn all morning while we watered the garden and made muffins.


Amy April 24, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

Your garden looks great!

Nicole April 24, 2009 at 11:24 PM  

So funny Jenn! I am right there with you with the late night feedings, and bad t.v.! I have totally seen the tomato planter too. Take care!

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