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Just a little bragging...

 Saturday, February 27, 2010

I just have to brag about how well Connor can draw.  His drawings really are amazing.  But of course we are going to say that.  That is what parents do.  But really.  They are.  Just look for yourself.  These are all by Connor with absolutely no help from either of us.  Actually, he draws much much much better than me.  Even Connor tells me my stick people look funny.  Which is true.  So, here you go:

He loves to draw on his magnetic drawing pads:
Family.  Oops.  He forgot Dylan.

Family  Dylan is a part of it now.

  Stegosaurus Dino.  I think.

T.Rex Dino

Some type of dino.

More family.  Just with tall legs.  That is what Connor says.

A ladybug.  I think.

A bird.  With tall legs.  Connor likes to draw tall legs.

So proud of his ocean animals.

More ocean life.
And some in color:


The top picture is of a dog with a leash (as Connor calls it).  I didn't even know he knew what a leash was.  Smart kid.  

Hope you enjoyed his wonderful display of artwork.  These are only a few of the many many drawings he has done in the last month or so.  Most get erased quickly after completion.  Some however, he asks me to take pictures of.  I am proud.  Of his drawings.  And of his understanding that I like to take pictures.  


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