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Super Bowl Sunday

 Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We had a pretty lazy Super Bowl Sunday.  I was more excited for the commercials than the actual game since I didn't really care who won.  In fact, right before kick-off we asked Connor who he was rooting for and he chose 'The Saints".  So, that is who we rooted for.  Good choice Connor.

The boys played dinosaurs earlier in the day...

Aren't they just so stinkin' cute sitting at the table with all those dinos?!?

Then Dylan does what he does best - throws them all off the table one by one.
Enough playing, time for the game!

Connor did have to get out his Cougar football Pez dispenser while watching the game.  This is a true treat for him.

Daddy & Dylan during the game.
The boys didn't even make it to half time before bed was calling.  Connor was actually asking to go to bed.  This doesn't happen very often.  So, we gave in and he went to bed.  And so did Dylan.

Of course, the fun of Super Bowl (besides the commercials) is the food.  We made some pretzels with some cheese and beer sauce for dipping.  Delicious.  And we made some hot wings.  The wings were so good, but so so hot.  But full of flavor.  Chris and I both want just a couple more of those wings.  Just for kicks.  We used a different hot sauce in the sauce mix (Louisiana Hot Sauce, very fitting, huh?) and boy was it hot!  After the fact, we read the bottle and it says, "just a drop will do".  Oops, guess you don't need to use a full cup.  Oh well.  They sure were good!  We named them flippin' hot wings.

 During the game, Connor was cracking us up, so I decided to document just a few of his sayings in the short hour or so...

"I am football guy"
"Let's get you naked, T.rex wants to eat meat"
"That makes my elbow go ouch" (As a player missed a catch & it bounces off his shoulder)
"Let's get moving"
"Oh, have to get new brother".  (He says this when Dylan falls down)

***This goes to show how much Connor is talking now.  There is rarely a quiet moment in this house anymore.


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