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Day 3 of the New Year

 Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Three: New Year's Eve the boys were in bed fast asleep by 8pm, I was out by 9pm, who knows what time Chris came to bed.  Needless to say, we watched the ball drop that morning when we were all up.  I was wondering about the end of 2009 and start of 2010, since I had a sinus headache that was incredibly painful and uncomfortable.  I tried to sleep it off and finally after trying lots and lots of home remedies, I got rid of it.  So, I must have a sinus infection, but that isn't bothering me too much.  But that headache...yuck!  Talk about painful!  I would rather have been in labor!  We did manage to get some of the Christmas decorations down, with only a bit more to go.  I was so sad to throw the 5 poinsettas in the trash---they were all still alive and thriving.  I don't think I have ever kept anything alive that long.  I am amazed!  So, now looks like we will have to find a few houseplants and give those a try.   Any reccomendations???

I am working on some painted canvas artwork for both the boys' rooms.  The paint is drying, but they should be done and up on their walls within a couple of days.  Maybe.  Chris said my idea was a little too girly, so we shall see.

Connor's Dinosaur party invites are done and ready to be put in the mail.  And I was fooling around taking pictures of the invites.  (Yes, in manual). 

And since Chris went to work today, I was on my own with the boys.  We played a lot.  Read a lot.  Fought a lot.  Dylan now climbs up the stairs.  Oh my!  And Connor does what he wants.  Oh my!  Bring on the walking/running/climbing...Bring on the 3's.  I am ready.  Not.  I now know for certain this year is going to filled with challenges, but they will be fun and memorable.

However, after begging, pleading, and threatening, both boys took a decent nap.  I was able to do a quick work-out.  Amazing, yes, I know.  Santa brought me a DVD of Last Chance Work-out from Biggest Loser.  Jillian is very intimidating, so I didn't quit.  I didn't want her jumping through the tv...she did threaten to once or twice.  Chris said he didn't want to hear me complain about how sore I am.  I will try to hold in my complaints, but my arms are already starting to ache...just a little.

I have managed to put a few meals in the freezer even.  Those include cinnamon rolls, fajita quesadillas, and waffles.  Yum.  And I baked some banana walnut  pecan bread (recipe called for walnuts, but we had pecans) this afternoon (a new recipe that I had gotten from Starbucks) and tomorrow night will be Minestrone soup (also a new recipe).  Tonight Chris made some shrimp scampi.  Yum.  Connor ate about 12 shrimp...guess he really likes shrimp.  On the first one, he even ate the tail.  He said it was a little crunchy, but not too bad.  Ewww.  

So, off to a good start.  Let's keep it up.

I would say I am doing pretty well with the resolutions!


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