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It is the little things...

 Thursday, January 21, 2010

It is the little things that really make a difference.  After cleaning all the bathrooms one night last week, Connor got up the next morning and first thing he said when he went into the guest bathroom and said, "Ohhh, Mama, you cleaned the bathroom" as he was wiping his hand along the counter and toilet seat.  Then telling me how pretty it looked.  It really wasn't even very dirty to begin with, but it was so sweet that he noticed and acknowledged it.  I love how he notices the little things (he definitely didn't get that trait from Chris).

I had brought Dylan to bed last Thursday morning and he hadn't seen Chris since Sunday.  Dylan rolled over,  saw Daddy and immediately got so excited and wouldn't stop giving him hugs & kisses.  It was so sweet.

Connor before bedtime has been asking for 'cuddle time'.  So sweet.  Then he asked for an extra book, we generally give in.

This last week we got a package from our Coug friend Kevin.  In it were 4 Cougar football Pez dispensers and what seems like a lifetime supply of Pez.  Connor was so excited (as were all of us) for some new Coug stuff.  We will be sure to have these handy during all games in the future.  Connor is still running around the housing shouting, "Go Cougs".  I can never hear that phrase enough!

Other little things that make me so happy....Connor saying, "I love you Mommy!" for no apparent reason.  The way his face lights up when there is a treat on his plate for dinner.  They way he says "Thank you Mommy" when I do something nice for him.  The big cheesy smile on Dylan's face when he wakes up and I walk into his room.  The joy Dylan gets when we chase his around the house.  The boys playing together so well lately, although not always---it is so sweet how they love each other so much.

How proud the boys are when they draw.  Just look how much fun they are having...

This picture was taken the day after Christmas, can you tell?!?  Oh how I don't miss the mess!

Dylan was up at 4am this morning, which meant I was too.  So, I decided to put some bacon in the oven, make some coffee, cut up apple slices for Dylan to 'teeth' on,  and made some fresh orange juice for Connor.  I was a hero this morning.  Too bad Connor was up by 5:15am---guess both boys just wanted to make sure to see Daddy off to work.  So, by 6:30am I had completed breakfast, did puzzles, played dinosaurs, attempted to nurse Dylan back to sleep countless times, and have already spent  3+ extra hours with two very special boys, which is more time than some parents get to spend with their kids in a day.  That I am thankful for!

It really is the little things that matter most in life.  It isn't the cars, the house, or big milestones.  It is the moments that bring the most joy.  Enjoy those moments, you will never get those back.


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