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Christmas Day at the Baker House

 Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, it has taken me two weeks to upload and go though all of our Christmas pictures...we took a lot! All 4 of us had a wonderful Christmas that was very relaxing and low key!  Just the way we like it.  We ate delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast and Prime Rib for dinner.  Oh, and I never got out of my jammies...which of course, is my goal for every holiday!  Dylan woke us ALL up quite early that morning, ready to see what Santa had left.  He was thrilled that we let him wake up Connor and Connor was just as thrilled to have a laughing Dylan sitting on top of him tickling him.  Here is what the boys woke up to...

The boys must have been EXTRA good this year!

We opened the stockings & presents from Santa...

Santa decided to go green and not wrap any gifts this year...Yah Santa!

Santa brought Connor a tub of dinosaurs, dinosaur pj's, mega blocks, shark toys, stickers, and a few books.

Santa brought Dylan his own drawing board, wooden choo choo train, and some books.

And this Santa looks like he enjoyed his cookies and milk, while the reindeer ate most of the carrot:

We let the boys play with their Santa toys, then decided Chris & Connor should go get our Christmas Starbucks, so off they went while Dylan & I played.  It was delicous and Connor came back covered in Starbucks stickers.  Chris had a few on him too :)

Then the paper ripping, bow pulling chaos that has become Christmas began...

What fun they had!

I think it may be very clear that dinosaurs are well liked in the house.  Maybe.  Just maybe there is a slight obsession.  You be the judge...

Bucket of dinos, along with more, some little & some big!  He had been wanting a Stegasaurus.
Dinosaur backpack came with matching rain boots and rain jacket.  Too cute.

Just a few of the dinosaurs around the volcano.

Even Dylan loves dinosaurs.  Although, I don't think he has a choice.

Get Ready.  Get Set. Go...

Dylan & T.Rex are racing.

Okay.  Maybe it will be a fight instead of a race.  Connor was making the T.Rex move and roar with the remote control.  Oh joy!

And then there was Elmo...

Dylan was amazed by Elmo.  He tells jokes and sings songs.  It is pretty cute.  We left him in the box for awhile because Dylan was having so much fun pushing Elmo and the box around.

Happy First Christmas to our wonderful little Dylan...

Loving the bow.

Brothers hugging is just too precious for words...

We hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!  We sure did. But I think that is kind of obvious seeing all the smiles on the boys' faces.  We were spoiled this year with lots of fun toys, books, gift cards, money, clothes, and everything else.  We are very fortunate and thankful for all our wonderful friends & family.  We are truly blessed.  We love you all.


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