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 Friday, December 11, 2009

After having Grandpa & Grandma here for a little over 3 weeks, it is now apparent just how spoiled we ALL were.  Yesterday after taking them to the airport, Connor let me know that we "Forgot Starbucks" since we didn't go there and we had left the house.  Then proceeded to say, "Oh, poor Connor, no Starbucks, no naked juice (his fruit smoothie juice he gets from Starbucks), no apple juice, no chocolate milk, oh poor Connor".  Oh my.  Sounds like a poor spoiled little boy, doesn't it?!?  Too funny.

However, after getting the boys to bed, I was saying the same thing, "Oh, poor Mama".  .  I had to do the dishes, clean the kitchen, and pick up the toys.  And take the trash out too.  Boy oh boy, was I (and Chris too) spoiled when they were here.  I think I maybe washed a total of 2 dishes (probably a coffee mug and a spoon).  They swept daily, vacumed every other day, washed all the windows, painted, mended/sewed, ironed, built stuff, put up curtains and curtain rods, fixed the blinds, organized the garage, made breakfast/lunch/dinner on occasion, did the laundry, and did I mention the dishes?!?  Oh, and all the Starbucks?  And the donuts.  And the cookies too.  And the dinners out.  We were well fed!

And the baby-sitting.  Wow, was it ever nice to be able to run to Costco, Lowes, Target, etc. without having to take the kiddos out.  So nice.  Oh and the playing...they were constantly playing with the boys...building stuff, dinos, cars, reading, drawing, etc.  Which is sure to make my life miserable for the next week or so.  But the boys could not have been happier-they loved all the extra attention.

We were so happy they were able to come and visit for such a long time.  After all, it was in the 70's when they got here and in the 20's when they left,  You would think they stayed for 6 months!

Here are some pictures from the fun we had...

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  We had a wonderful time!


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