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Our baby Dylan is 9 months old!

 Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our sweet little baby Dylan is not quite a little baby anymore.  He is 9 months old already!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!  Dylan still loves to cuddle, enjoys playing with big brother, and will steal the hearts of many girls in the future.  He makes friends with anyone and everyone as long as he can make eye contact with them.  He is such a happy little boy.  He makes us smile and brings us great joy. 

Dylan has been crawling for a couple of months already and is loving standing even more now and practicing/testing his balance.  It still needs work.  He enjoys walking with his push cart and is so proud when he doesn't topple over.  But when he does, he usually just smiles and gets right back up.  His favorite rooms in the house tend to be the bathrooms.  Not sure why he enjoys the cold tile floors, but that is where he crawls off too.  Maybe he thinks if he stays in there long enough he will get a bath.  He loves to splash around in the bath with Connor.  He thinks it is hilarious to empty out anything and everything from laundry baskets to my purse to Kleenex boxes to bins of books.  He has 3 teeth and seems like more to come soon.  He is not the best teether, he is rather cranky and wants (and gets) extra cuddles and to eat more.  His giggle is contagious. 

About a week ago, we went to Nordstrom and got Dylan his very own (first) pair of shoes.  (Which means  they weren't preiously worn by Connor).  He likes wearing on as well as chewing on them.  They are so cute and he tends to keep them on, which is pretty amazing.  Happy Birthday Dylan!  We love you very much!

Dylan loves his avocado...




Dylan can be so serious...

With Mama hanging on tightly to that necklace...


Marcy December 27, 2009 at 2:41 PM  

Happy 9 months Dylan! I still CANNOT believe he is standing! Way to go Dylan! I wish you were here to encourage Kiersten to do all those things!

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