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State Fair of Texas!

 Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obviously, I love love love the fair.  Nope, not for the rides, but for the FOOD!  I finally talked Chris into going a couple of weeks ago.  And for some reason, it ended up being late Friday afternoon.  It was full of teens!  And busy.  But I think it is always busy.  We hit up the Fletcher's corn dog stand right away.  So yummy!  We all shared a couple of delicious corn dogs.  Then, found some relatively cheap Shiner Bock on tap, gotta keep Chris happy while I eat my way through the fair ;-) We also had a blooming onion, some fries, and ice cream sandwhiches.  YUM.  But my FAVORITE thing was the deep fried Snickers bar!  It was the best treat ever.  If I could figure out to make it, I might have one everyday.  But since that is highly unlikely, I will just continue to keep my stash in the freezer!  Mimmm...I love frozen Snickers!

And you can't miss BIG Tex...

We walked through the chickens, the boys were fascinated with them.  And I couldn't help but want a chicken coop of my own!  Ahh, fresh eggs every morning!  And they were SO pretty too.

We got to see the Texas Tech semi truck pull in, we couldn't help but imagine the Cougars having a big truck like that, lol. 

Then a few minutes later we saw the Baylor semi truck.  Pretty cool.

And before we left, I had to take a quick shot of the Ferris Wheel.  So pretty lit up at night with the lights of the Midway below.  Love it.

The boys didn't want to ride any rides, so we just made it about the food this year.  Pretty sure one day they will be begging to go on the rides!


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