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Fireworks & Fun

 Sunday, July 8, 2012

The message from church that most made me think was 'treat others and do for others how you would want to be treated' - not even sure a specific bible verse was used, but the church had just wrapped up a Summer food drive.  So, it is my goal to start looking at where I can help within the community.

We had some fun celebrating the 4th of July...

Apparently I am a sucker for cheap crap they sell that breaks within a few hours!
But they sure were entertaining for them waiting for the fireworks to start!

Then, the morning of the 4th, we got up and went and fed the ducks -- they had so much fun.  And there were turtles too to feed.  So much fun!!  I took my other camera too, so I am pretty sure I got some really cute ones of them -- once I have some free time, I will go through them.  Ha.  

And the boys sang a birthday song for Grandma on her birthday.... too cute!

Red, White, and Blue star cookies....yum :)

The boys got their choice of pizza for dinner....
 I think they most enjoyed the pizza dough.   But I sure LOVE this pizza...
And of course, a beer compliments pizza perfectly...

Then we went and watched more fireworks with friends...always a good time!
And here are some highlights of yummy food, I am a bit obsessed with all things food:
Pineapple Salsa --- delish!
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup with this amazing parmesan cheese bread!
Roasted portebello burger with teriyaki sauce and melted cheese.  So easy to make.
And this is easily my favorite thing to make -- roasted veggies made into tacos.  

And just because chocolate makes everything better, this trail mix makes for a tasty treat.
Enjoy the week!

XoXo ~Jenn


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