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Lovely Weather!!

 Sunday, July 15, 2012

And by lovely weather I mean NOT over 100 degrees!!  Today's message at church was "Trusting God" and talking about Psalm 23.  Which is easy to say, but not as easily to live by.  Especially if you are like me and like to have a certain matter of control over situations and putting your trust in somebody else is difficult.  It is a learning process and will someday be easy for me.  I am a big believer in the sayings..."Everything happens for a reason."  -AND- "God's plan will be revealed in time".  Which is extremely difficult since I am less than patient.

 Boys love playing by the water after church.

Connor has beyond amazed me this week with his excellent bike riding skills.  I am SO proud of him.  This week was the very first time he attempted riding his bike without training wheels.  Actually, he hasn't had much interest in riding bikes -- I have been known to bribe him with skittles and chocolates :-/

The boys love spending time outside:
This is the face I get when I tell them it is time to go inside...

But on occasion, we do some fun crafty inside projects, like painting:

Here are a couple videos:

Finally found my all-time favorite summer fruit here all the way from Yakima...
Rainier Cherries!!!  Yummm

And apparently I have been on a vegetable kick this week...

Well, until I went to this BBQ place and this was the option...

Here is to another great week...

Jenn XoXo


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