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Thankful in November, Day 14

 Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful we have boys!  Tonight at our co-ed softball game, I was forced to teach Dylan how to pee outside.  (Note: this is not something I am generally in favor of, since we don't live in the middle of nowhere!)  Yes, this was also during the game, we had to ask the umpire for a time-out.  I had run across the field with him while everyone waited, it just so happened they didn't have the key to unlock the gate by our dugout, how convienent.  And why couldn't Chris take him?  Well, he was the one up at bat at the time -- nice timing, Daddy!  lol.  Fortunately, Dylan is *all boy* and was very proud to go back to the dugout to tell brother & everyone else that he peed in the grass.  Way to go, kid! 


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