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Garden 2011

 Sunday, March 20, 2011

 Those are the colorful flowers the boys helped me plant in the planters in front of the house.  They picked them our and they are beautiful!

I decided to put some sand in the water table so I could get some gardening done.  Oh my!  It was a hit with them.  Or was it?  The patio is more like a beach...but they had a blast and I got the garden planted.  Win-Win.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

We got both the 4 X 4 boxes planted and ready to start growing!

My favorite find was this adorable little basil plants.  I just love how cute they are.

Connor insisted on planting a whole bunch of strawberries in this box, and rarely do I say no to fruits & veggies, so he got his way.  We planted 16 strawberry plants.  Hope they produce a few strawberries!


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